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Published on November 10 2016

kitchen decorating ideas

The amount of popularity has been ever increasing over the years for modular kitchen installations in Goa over the recent few years. Due to the very limited space constraints in major cities in Goa, the  kitchen sizes available as only between 20 m2-25m2 due to the high rates in the real estate sector, which is why a modular kitchens  is an ideal set up for many to make the best of the space available with space saving and trendy looking installations. Modula kitchens are highly affordable as these are available at various price points and in most cases are ready to install as well. There are also numerous manufacturers such as MKG which are available locally to manufacture, these units in customized sizes and models.
During the planning phases of any remodel or upgrade of your kitchen, ensure that you fully understand exactly how best you would like the space to function. This would include a convenient layout, a area to socialize, a seating area for a quick meal etc.

The beginning point should always be planning around the kitchen triangle which always consists of the kitchen sink, fridge and also the stove  that are required to be placed in fairly simple reach in diameter to facilitate smooth and easy work flow. The minimum number of work counters required would have to be at least two for any cooking areas as usually one work surface is used to a pre-counter and the other is generally located around the kitchen sink. There are also a wide variety of cabinets that are trending showcasing multiple themes and finishes. Keep in mind while you pick a cabinet style, think of the long run as you lot of these styles do stop trending quickly as well.

Make enough of room to permit easy flow of natural lighting entering the room to assist with better ventilation and to keep the areas fresh and airy. A single window is the bare minimum required which is essential in helping get rid of cooking smells and work as an exhaust outlet. For many household, it is the kitchen that is the center for lots of family activities, to  gather in or even socialize, there plan to have a seating area if the space permits. If a seating area isn’t an option due to the limitations of space, have barstools placed at counter surfaces work as well.
In many small sized apartment, a trend seen today is the combination of the dining areas along with the kitchen space. Open kitchens are extremely comfortable spaces to entertain guests or simply just relax with your loved ones and also make the space appear to be larger in comparison to have one area to dine and the other to cook. While deciding on a lighting plan provision for spot or focus lighting points because you wouldnt want shadows casting while preparing a meal. By using a layered lighting plan, the artificial light can be spread across the room to prevent creating any shadows.


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