Components of a CCTV home surveillance system

Published on November 16 2016

Home surveillance systems are a must have for many to provide a safe and secure home for their loved ones. The technology available today make it highly suitable to provide full proof security at very affordable prices making it a very cost effective solution, easy to install and monitor for pretty much everyone to today have in their homes and prevent any break-ins and safeguard homes and properties.

Home security CCTV cameras systems are now available in numerous forms of digital camera types available off the shelf suited for several forms of home security. It is therefore necessary that before a  purchase is made, you are aware of the security needs of your home and accordingly decide on the hardware components that would be best suited. This is dependent on types of areas you would like to capture, the types of cameras needs to capture the right feed and accordingly you would need to set aside a budget.

The standard differentiation for a home security CCTV interface is the camera types for outdoor and indoor surveillance, both of these are designed to perform in pre-defined environments. Outdoor model are usually heavy-duty units made to withstand extreme conditions such as blizzards, harsh sunlight, heavy rain etc. due to which these are priced a bit higher in comparison indoor cctv units.Outdoor surveillance cameras are also built to function in a  variety of operating capabilities  including the ability to capture footage  toggling from side to side, upwards and downwards tilt, greater level of capture well over Fifteen plus feet, wide angle captures etc.

Indoor surveillance is another form of CCTV units available that is specifically engineered for capturing  and monitoring footage indoors.  The cost of this hardware is less expensive when compared to outdoor units. Although indoor cameras are lightweight and smaller in size these cannot be used outdoors as they are not built to perform in extreme weather conditions. The units can be installed in every corner of your home with minimum effort and are available in wireless options as well.

Digital Video Recorders is another component of the surveillance system. DVR’s enable the viewing of captured video recordings remotely or over a LAN network. Many CCTV units are also available that transmits feed to smartphones or external devices for remote monitoring. Also popular in the market today is the plug and play interface that enables self installation in a few minutes without any professional help

We plan to further discuss the various types of CCTV cameras available, please stay tuned in to my blog as I will be discussing in depth on the different systems and hardware’s readily available for home security systems.





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